Enhancing Sustainability and User Experience through Continuous Improvement

-Enhancing Sustainability and User Experience through Continuous Improvement

Enhancing Sustainability and User Experience through Continuous Improvement

Publish time: 2023-03-14
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At the Taiwan International Smart Energy Expo held in October 2022 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hitachi Energy undoubtedly captured significant attention. The company specializes in grid equipment for renewable energy, including onshore and offshore wind power substations, as well as solar photovoltaic AIS and GIS substations, leveraging over a century of experience in transformer production.


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Lisa Wen, General Manager of Hitachi Energy Taiwan


Interview by Mei-Hsu Shih, Xin-En Wu

Showcasing achievements at energy week

  Hitachi Energy displayed numerous accomplishments, such as its leading dynamic/static reactive power compensation system (STATCOM), which has been successfully installed at the onshore substation of Taiwan Power Company's Phase I offshore wind power. They also collaborated with Ørsted to construct a 900 MW offshore substation for the first stage of the Greater Changhua Southeast and Southwest wind farms, which is also Taiwan's first. In solar photovoltaic projects, Hitachi Energy partnered with Sunny Rich Group to build Taiwan's largest 312 MW photovoltaic booster station in a fishery-solar coexistence project in Chiayi, supplying prefabricated substation solutions that include high-voltage insulated switchgear, transformers, Power SCADA, and protection coordination systems.

  Committed to developing eco-friendly, efficient solutions and reinforcing digital technology to enhance grid flexibility and efficiency, Hitachi Energy showcased Lumada APM equipment health management and TXpert™ digital transformers at the event. By collecting operational data, predictive maintenance can be conducted on critical assets, significantly minimizing economic losses resulting from failures or unexpected power outages.


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Innovative technology paves the way for environmental sustainability

  In recent years, sustainability has become an increasingly prominent topic. Lisa Wen, Hitachi Energy's General Manager of Sustainable Energy, acknowledges that implementing sustainability is challenging and requires incremental progress. Hitachi Energy has chosen to start with areas where they can excel, such as their "EconiQ™ environmentally friendly high-voltage insulated switchgear" displayed at Energy Week.

  Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is a gas commonly used as an insulator in power transmission and distribution equipment to prevent fires. However, due to its non-degradable nature, it is considered one of the greenhouse gasses that accelerate global warming. Hitachi Energy's "EconiQ™ environmentally friendly high-voltage insulation switchgear" is SF6-free, significantly reducing the carbon footprint throughout its life cycle and demonstrats the company's commitment to global environmental sustainability through innovation and technology.


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