2022 Global Offshore Wind Summit Taiwan|Video Interview with Vestas Taiwan

-2022 Global Offshore Wind Summit Taiwan|Video Interview with Vestas Taiwan

2022 Global Offshore Wind Summit Taiwan|Video Interview with Vestas Taiwan

Publish time: 2022-10-17
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Overcoming the Offshore Wind Trilemma: Vestas' Innovative 4-4-4 Plan

|Alex Robertson, Country Manager at Vestas


  Vestas, a leading player in the wind energy industry, has proposed a solution to Taiwan's offshore wind trilemma- "4-4-4 plan." (發-發-發 計畫) This plan aims to address the challenges posed by high localization requirements, limited project sizes, and unrealistic bid levels in Taiwan's offshore wind sector.

  Alex Robertson, the Country Manager of Vestas indicated: "The project size of 500MW is not the state of the art. European projects are way over 1GW in size, the state of the project size cap for the auction should be changed from 500MW to 1GW, and we should build four of them"

  Under the 4-4-4 plan, Vestas suggests increasing the project size cap from 500MW to 1GW, enabling the development of four 1GW offshore wind projects. By leveraging the existing supply chain and optimizing costs, Vestas believes these projects can be executed more efficiently.


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  Furthermore, the plan advocates for raising the maximum bid level in the auction from 2.49 TWD to 4 TWD. This adjustment aims to discourage speculative bidding and encourage the establishment of solid business cases for offshore wind projects.

  "You can't build offshore wind projects of any size for 2.49 TWD, it doesn't work. We need to discourage speculation." Alex emphasized.

  In addition, Vestas emphasizes the importance of promoting competition and export competitiveness in the localization process. The plan proposes making localization items optional, allowing developers to choose competitive areas while still achieving the desired localization volume.

  Alex expressed confidence in the potential of Taiwan's offshore wind industry. He believes that by implementing the 4-4-4 plan, Taiwan can unlock its vast offshore wind potential and establish itself as a global leader in renewable energy.

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